Floor Care

Specialist routine and ‘one off’ deep cleaning solutions for all types of flooring

Routine floor cleaning and maintenance of hard surfaces will enhance the appearance of your premises and save you money in the long run. High traffic areas should be inspected and maintained regularly to prolong the life and efficiency of your flooring. The deep cleaning of hard surfaces will remove the dirt, grime and scuff marks that build up over time, and with CBM California you can be sure your floors are clean, pristine and polished like new.

Professional Floor Cleaning

Deep cleaning  your hard floors can instantly improve the appearance of any building and our highly trained team can tackle all hard floor surfaces to help increase the life of your floor. We suggest our clients put in place a regular periodical clean to hard floors to keep them at their best and get the longest life from them

Marble & Stone Floors

Marble and natural stone floors in high foot fall areas can quickly lose their appearance due to dirt eroding the stone’s natural crystals leaving the floor scratched, stained or dull. CBM California can restore the natural brilliance to your marble& stone floors in Los Angeles. 

Wooden Floors

We provide wood sanding, finishing services and deep cleaning to a wide range of different premises including schools, residential buildings, halls & galleries. There are many types of wooden flooring and our knowledgeable team are able to advise clients on the best way to prolong the life of their floor and to ensure that it gives the best impression to those visiting your house. Following the restoration of your wooden floor we can then advise on the best products and methodology to be used to clean the floor and put together a dedicated maintenance plan for you.

Safety & Vinyl Flooring

gular deep cleaning of safety, vinyl & Altro flooring with a machine is essential to remove the accumulation of dirt, soiling and bacteria which gets trapped and clings to the particles in the floor surface leaving the floors looking dirty even after mopping. Our proven process agitates this dirt and allows it to be removed leaving the floor looking as good as new. Some types of flooring then require further protection using sealers and polish and we will advise as to the best finish for your floor. Once our work is complete we will guide you on the best products to be used for day to day cleaning and a suggested maintenance programme.

Excellent Service

Each and every customer is important to us and providing a highly professional service as well as ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with the service we have provided them with is at the heart of everything we do.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and we take great pride in not only the high-level of service we provide to our customers, but also the fantastic customer service we are well known for.

Floor Care in Los Angeles

Our technicians are experienced in the cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces including:

  • Ceramic tile and grout
  • Vinyl, linoleum and safety flooring
  • Laminate and wood floors
  • Epoxy resin surfaces
  • Marble, granite and terrazzo
  • Stone, slate and concrete


Fully qualified cleaning technicians

It is important to enlist the services of a professional floor cleaner as different surfaces can require specialist products and methods; using the wrong materials can potentially damage or dull your flooring.

We carefully select the required products and correct application method to ensure optimum performance and care.  As well as traditional methods we use specialist equipment to maximize efficiency and achieve a high quality finish; this includes machine scrubbing, machine polishing, powder polishing and the vitrification of marble floors. We also handle the restoration or refurbishment of most types of wooden flooring which can include stripping, sanding and sealing.

And remember, if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it.