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Full Theatre and Cinema Cleaning in Los Angeles

We understand the need for fantastic customer service and that first impressions count – even more so when you are in the business of ‘entertaining people’. CBM understand that your cinema or theater has high traffic areas; such as front of house, walkways, cinema theatres, public toilets and food retailing areas.

The cleanliness of welcome foyers, ticket booths, bars, and all the public areas of your building make a strong contribution to the overall impression that your customers receive on their experience at your venue. As a highly responsive company CBM will work with you to ensure that you have the right level of support often being called on to provide additional services during busy periods of trade, such as school and Christmas holidays.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Theater and Cinema Cleaning

in Los Angeles

Theaters and Cinemas can be particularly susceptible to the spread of infectious disease due to the high volume of people that can often occupy a space. That, combined with the close proximity can lead to a human-to-human transmission with relative ease. Our coronavirus disinfect and decontamination services for cinemas and theaters will give you reassurance, knowing full well that your building has been thoroughly sanitized. This will help prevent your staff and your clients from contracting an infectious disease, such as COVID-19.

We offer specialized services to stop the spread of the coronavirus. For peace-of-mind, our professional team will carry out a deep clean/sanitization of your building, focusing on touch-point surfaces to minimise any potential spread of the coronavirus throughout your building. This can be conducted regularly if you wish to add an extra level of defence against you, your workforce and the threat of the coronavirus.

Services You Can Trust

  • Carpet Cleaning: Professional steam or dry cleaning of your carpets to keep your cinemas and theatres hygienic and presentable
  • Snack Bar and Condiment Areas: Food and drink areas are very important can easily become host to many harmful bacteria or mould. CBM can provide a complete cleaning and sanitation for these areas.
  • Kitchen and Toilet Consumables: These areas in particular can me difficult to keep clean if not professional cleaned to avoid germs that can breed in these area call and chat to our cleaners today and book a professional clean .
  • Floor Cleaning: Using non-toxic chemicals and cutting-edge techniques to remove built-up dirt, grime, spilt food and drink, and other items on your floor.
  • Car Park: Car park maintenance and industrial scrubbing high pressure cleaning to ensure you make the right impression every time.

Your Go-To Cleaning Service For Cinema And Theater Cleaning In Los Angeles

zTheaters are tricky to clean and in order to maintain their hygiene level, it is essential to hire professional cleaning services. CBM specializes in theater cleaning in Melbourne. Theaters are not just difficult to clean but they also attract the maximum amount of dust and dirt. The lack of ventilation and open space further encourages the spread of infections. Additionally, it is necessary to note that theatre cleaning involves more than just tidying up the seats! We understand that every space needs a different cleaning technique and the same also goes for theatre cleaning. Right from the seats to the movie projector, our staff handles every aspect of cinema cleaning with great efficiency.