Tree Pruning &
Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree Removal and Palm Tree Pruning

No matter how big or small the palm tree, we would advise against trying to fell them without proper guidance and supervision. Our arborists are exceptionally well trained and have felled thousands of trees throughout their careers.

CBM California is fully equipped, insured and experienced for the shaping, pruning and removal of Palm Trees. From start to finish, our staff takes great care in all Palm tree work and removal to ensure a hassle-free procedure.

Tree Pruning Services to keep your trees healthy. 

With over 30 years experience, CBM California are experts in cutting pruning, and lopping work. We have a love and a passion for trees and want to see every tree thrive. Pruning, cutting, and looping may seem harsh, but they are actually a kindness. These services promote and direct healthy growth so that your tree can be the best it can be. Pruning thins out the crown so that growth can be directed and focused into the main body of the branch. This increases the sunlight penetration through the tree, which in turn benefits the plants below the tree. Pruning also helps to remove weak or dead branches: lowering the risk of accidents or property damage.

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