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About Us 

Commercial Buildings Maintenance, Inc. is a family owned and operated custodial company with over 30 years of Custodial experience. We service all commercial and non-commercial buildings in any city near the Los Angeles area.  For a details about our services or questions about the SoCal locations we service, please refer to our “Contact Us” page and we will gladly assist by answering any questions you have.  We look forward to servicing your business.

Fully Qualified and Trained

Our mission here at CBM California is to provide Los Angeles businesses with cost-effective cleaning solutions. Here CBM California we aim to ensure the Highest Standard in commercial and office cleaning for Businesses across Los Angeles, Having flexible work hours and staff enables our company to offer the Best tailored office cleaning packages to suit our clients individual retirements and needs. Allowing for minimal to no disruption in the workplace or for your employees. Having a clean office working space and business can not only help increase productivity but also help lowering any occupation and safety problems that may occur by having a clean and safe work environment .We understand the importance of the high level of stranded needed in the Commercial cleaning Sector and carry out regular audits to sure our highest cleaning standards are maintained